In the last few years, do-it-yourself alarm systems such as Ring and SimpliSafe have become very popular. While such options can save you a little bit of money, are they worth the trade-offs? Here are four advantages that professionally monitored systems have over DIY systems.

  1. Professionally monitored systems dispatch the police so you don’t have to. Our 24/7 monitoring station will alert police to an alarm, even if you don’t pick up the phone and confirm. With DIY monitoring, you are responsible for calling the police yourself. If you’re not home or are without cell service, you could easily miss an alarm notification.

2. DIY systems require you to set up and troubleshoot your own system. This can be tricky, especially if you’re not technologically savvy! With professionally monitored systems, experts install and service your equipment according to the highest quality standards.

3. With professionally monitored systems, your alarm company takes care of all the registration and permitting for you. If you have a self-monitored system, many municipalities including the City of Orlando, the City of Kissimmee, and the City of Altamonte require you to register the system yourself.

4. Evidence indicates that emergency services tend to respond more quickly to alarms of professionally monitored systems.

We think the advantages of a professionally monitored alarm system are pretty clear! Call us today at 407-282-9552 to obtain a quote or schedule a new installation.

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