October is National Crime Prevention Month. Are you doing everything you can to keep your home safe? Follow this checklist to ensure the safety of your home.

☐Are your exterior doors made of solid wood or metal?

☐Have the locks been changed since you moved in?

☐Are windows kept locked at all times?

☐Are lights installed around the perimeter of the home?

☐Are electrical switch boxes locked to prevent a thief from cutting your power?

☐Are your side gates kept locked when not in use?

☐Do you keep a set of spare keys with a trusted neighbor to avoid hiding keys around the outside of your home?

☐When you go out of town for extended periods of time, do you set light timers to make it look like your home is occupied?

☐When going on vacation do you arrange a mail stop or ask a family member or friend to collect your mail?

☐Do you have a monitored alarm system? Among convicted burglars surveyed, 50% said that they would stop a break-in attempt after finding out the home has a security system.

To protect your home and family today, contact us at 407-282-9552 to schedule the installation of a smart security system!

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