In recent years, video doorbells have become more and more popular, and are a great entry level option when building a home surveillance system. Video doorbells like VDB770 use the wiring of your existing doorbell, so all you need to do is replace the hardware.

The ADC-VDB770,’s next-generation video doorbell camera and the latest installment in the Design Studio Series product line, has an expansive 150° vertical Field of View (FOV), allowing you to monitor the entire doorway area. Two-Way Audio and full portrait viewing in the app make it easier than ever to see a speak with visitors. Plus, the ADC-VDB770 uses Video Analytics to minimize false-positive motion detection and to enable rapid detection of people, so you receive alerts even if visitors don’t ring the bell.

How do they work? It’s simple. Any time the doorbell is rung, your smart device receives a notification. You can then opt to answer it with two-way audio, or ignore it after seeing who it is.

Built into the camera is a motion detector, so video clips are only recorded when motion is detected. That way when you need to look through the footage, you can avoid scrolling through hours of empty recordings. This feature also protects you when someone steps onto your front porch without ringing the doorbell. Through the app, you can access a live feed of your doorbell camera at any time.

Are you convinced yet? Here are 3 advantages of having a VDB770 video doorbell.

Protect your home from thieves

Before attempting to break in, many burglars will ring the doorbell pretending to sell something when in reality they’re just testing to see if you’re home or not.

Better manage deliveries

Many delivery companies won’t leave packages unless you’re home to answer the door. But with VDB770, you can answer it remotely, and even tell the delivery driver where to leave the package.

Avoid unwanted visitors

When a visitor rings your doorbell, it begins recording them, but the video is only one-way. This means you can see them, but they can’t see you. They won’t know that you see them unless you choose to “answer” the door digitally. This enables you to avoid pesky salespeople or bothersome neighbors.

If your kids are home alone, this additional feature helps keep them safe by only opening the door for people they know.  

A VDB770 doorbell not only makes your life more convenient, but it also helps to protect your most valuable assets: your family and property. Call us today to schedule an installation.

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